About Us


Haitian Coalition Staff
The Haitian Coalition’s board meets monthly to assess the achievements of the organization.  It does so to ensure that the Coalition is making progress from previous years, as well as to assure that our work complements our mission.  Board members work to focus the priority of the organization so that we constantly work to meet the needs of our clients.

Mackenson Masse, President
Vayola Vilma, Vice-President
Methsene Augustin, Treasurer
Sandra Germain, Secretary
Josee Chrispin, Board Member
Regine Chrispin, Board Member
Lince Semerzier, Board Member
Rory Sheble-Hall, Board Member

Haitian Coalition Staff

Franklin Dalembert, Executive Director
Senophar Alphonse, Staff Assistant
Jackson Compere, Consultant
Berlande Edouard, Youth Coordinator
Immaculee Ismard, Staff Assistant
Valentin Iviquel, Staff Assistant
Nathalie Jean, Grant Writer/Communications Manager
Jean Lahens, Staff Assistant
Franck Salomon, Consultant


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