Programs and Services

The Haitian Coalition coordinates various activities throughout the year. In addition to the programs we run directly in our Clarendon Hill Housing Development facility, we also consistently deliver services through partnerships with local and statewide agencies. A sampling of our main services is listed below.  Please contact us at (617) 625-6400 for more information.    

Clarendon Hill Tenants’ Association
In 2007, the Coalition revived the Clarendon Hill Tenants’ Association to teach tenants how to unify their diverse views into one voice, communicate with the Somerville Housing Authority, which manages their housing development and support tenant leadership so that the group can sustain and advocate for itself in the long-term. Training of tenant members is facilitated by a collaboration between the Community Action Agency of Somerville and the Coalition. Through the partnership, tenant members also focus on the importance of civic engagement so they come to understand and fully apply their responsibilities as tenants.

Health and Obesity Education
In partnership with Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the Coalition launched an initiative to teach members of the local community about obesity, good eating habits and exercise. Over two years and working with Tufts researchers, the Coalition will contribute to the design of an obesity prevention program. We recruit hundreds of mothers and their elementary-aged children from the local community and follow their progress in developing healthier lifestyles. The focus of the mothers’ group is on weight loss and maintenance; children participants are taught about preventing weight gain. An assessment of participants’ proximity to open space and dense food outlets will also be conducted to determine characteristics in the built environment that support healthy habits.

Youth Services
Our peer educators’ program is comprised of area youths working to educate members of the local community about topics ranging from tobacco use to occupational hazards. Over the years, the group has organized and implemented local activities for the Great American Smokeout, World No Tobacco Day and the Somerville Health Fair.  Participants were also involved in a Virginia Slims letter writing campaign, “Operation Storefront,” and conducted social source surveys and merchant compliance checks. In a past visit to Somerville, former vice president and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore recognized the positive impact of the peer educators’ work.

Elder Services
Approximately half of our clients are elderly. They flock to our literacy classes to acquire reading and writing skills they did not acquire in their younger years. Seniors also need our services to secure housing, gain access to health care and other opportunities that will increase their ability to function within their community. That we communicate with them in Creole is crucial, and we do so since the majority of our members are Creole speakers. Immigrant elders are a growing cohort in this country.  The services we have provided over the years help them ward off the isolation and loneliness that is a part of immigrating to a new country after age 65. We hope to maintain our service delivery as the elderly population expands nationwide and locally in Somerville. 

Community Events
Every year, we hold various community events at local venues or our facilities at the Clarendon Hill apartment complex. At these events, which are open to the public, local non-profit partners promote their programs and services while our clients socialize and get to know their neighbors.

We refer clients to these resources:
  • After-School Programs
  • Child-Care Services
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Counseling (Mental Health)
  • Creole-Literacy Classes
  • ESOL Classes
  • Health-Care/Insurance Information
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Immigration Services
  • Job Search/Training/Workshops
  • Legal Services
  • Parent & Family Information Classes
  • Translation Services (Small fee applies when clients utilize the Coalition’s translation services.)

The Coalition’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM.

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